Australia has a census every 5 years. The next one is coming up in August 2021.

Census information is used by governments, businesses, and community organisations to make informed decisions and it’s important the census accurately reflects the characteristics of the Australian population.

That includes the “Religion” question. Because many tick a religion box when they are not actually religious, religious institutions can use census data to suggest they are more important than they actually are.

If you are not religious, or not religious anymore, please say so. Mark ‘No Religion’.

Many people living in Australia have parents who were religious but do not continue to share their parents’ beliefs or practices. Some people do not believe the teachings of religions but feel obligated to go through the motions, to keep up appearances.

On the 10th of August the Australian Government will be conducting a national census.

If you no longer believe the supernatural teachings of your religion, this is a great opportunity to express your views and mark “No Religion” on the census.

Accurate census data guides policy makers & political leaders when planning and making funding decisions.

Marking ‘No religion’ on the census will give the government a truly accurate representation of Australian society.

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